Qualifying Standards - La Cloche Endurance Runs
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Qualifying Standards

Service Requirement

The La Cloche Endurance Runs has a service requirement for all starters. This can be satisfied by performing eight (8) hours of work in either:

1) organization of an ultra
2) service at an ultra (e.g. working an aid station)
3) work on a trail used by an ultra

Note that generic trail work is not acceptable – it must be a trail on which an ultra is run, and must be coordinated with the Race Director of that ultra. Pacing another runner at an ultra does not count.

The window for performing this work starts September 1st, 2017 and ends on September 30th, 2018. This form must be received by the La Cloche Endurance Runs no later than October 1, 2018, and must be signed by the Race Director of the ultra which you supported. Runners who have not turned in their form will be removed from the start list, and their slot will be given to someone on the wait list!

Qualifications Standards For The La Cloche Endurance Runs

The La Cloche Endurance Runs are serious in every way – from the terrain, the weather, the remoteness and the distances – these are not trail events that you should even remotely consider as your first event. The challenges faced during the La Cloche Endurance Runs in many ways exceed much more than you will find during most trail events, and require the ability to navigate the course with uncertain conditions that may include:

  • Continually changing elevation – there is very limited flat sections on the course
  • Hazardous descents and climbs
  • Extended distance and time between aid stations
  • Unpredictable weather – heat, cold, rain and snow
  • Numerous water crossings – some challenging depending on the weather – there will be no fixed ropes
  • Exposure to potential for falls
  • Dangerous travel and risk of injury traveling across the La Cloche Mountains – they get extremely slippery when wet

Any runner attempting the La Cloche Endurance Runs must understand that these challenges exist and they must be prepared to make decisions for his or her own safety under uncertain conditions without any expectation of assistance.

All individuals registering for the 100 and 50 Mile events MUST meet the “Qualification Standards”. NO EXCEPTIONS! Any non-qualified runners registered for the either the 50 or 100-mile runs will have their entry revoked.

A. Entrants into the La Cloche 50 Mile Endurance Run must have completed, at minimum, an official 50 Mile single stage ultra trail event that exceeds 6,000 feet in total elevation gain, in 13 hours or less. (within 2 years of the current La Cloche Endurance Runs date)

B. Entrants into the La Cloche 100 Mile Endurance Run must have completed, at minimum, an official 100 Mile single stage ultra trail event that exceeds 15,000 feet in total elevation gain. (within 2 years of the current La Cloche Endurance Runs date)

C. Entrants must be 18 years of age and older.

D. Entrants Qualifying Race must be trail race.

*If you have any questions relative to your qualifying race(s), please contact us at info@laclocheenduranceruns.com

Registration officials will confirm that Qualification Standards were fulfilled by verifying the qualification information provided during the registration process. (If an individual registers for the La Cloche Endurance Runs but proof of qualification can not be confirmed the individual WILL NOT be allowed to participate and refunds WILL NOT be issued).

If you have completed a qualifying event but the results have not been posted at the time of registration contact the event’s Race Director(s).

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