About La Cloche Endurance Runs - La Cloche Endurance Runs
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About La Cloche Endurance Runs

The Run

The La Cloche 100 mile and 50 mile Endurance Trail Runs will be run on very rugged, remote, and beautiful, almost 98% single-track trail offering almost continuous climbing and descending on a course that is closed. The events are held on the La Cloche Silhouette Hiking Trail in Killarney Provincial Park located in Killarney Ontario, Canada. The event is located approximately 4 hours from Toronto, Ontario.

The 100 mile event is an out and back endurance run that is 101.4 miles in length offering 22,008 feet of climbing and 22,008 of descent for a total elevation change of 44,016 feet.

The 50 mile event is a point to point endurance run that is 50.7 miles in length offering 11,004 feet of climbing and 11,004 of descent for a total elevation change of 22,008 feet.

The La Cloche Endurance Trail Runs are extremely difficult, challenging events that are not suitable for beginner trail runners. It will test both the mental and physical ability of the runners – aside from road access to the start/finish, the only access to the trail is on foot or by canoe, meaning the runners will truly be tested in as remote an environment that exists for any race, anywhere!

lac Loche Photo Landscape
Our events are rugged, remote and scenic. They are amongst the toughest in North America.

Cutoff times

The cutoff times for finishing the 100 mile endurance run is 38 hours and 18 hours for the 50 mile endurance run. The 100 mile run starts at 6am on Friday October 12th, and the 50 mile run starts at 6am on Saturday October 13th.

The Course

The course will be very well marked with reflective tape, natural cairns, and blue course markings. Participants will be running on a very remote, rugged trail and we will be utilizing SPOT tracking during the events. Even though there will be 7 aid stations, and we’re fully invested in making sure that you are safe,  make no mistake, the course requires some serious self sufficiency. This would not be an event to consider for your first trail race.

Runners will not be the only people on the trails, so please be courteous to other trail users – backpackers, campers, canoe portagers and day users and YES, wildlife ( bears, wolf, moose, deer, small fury animals, – after all, a wilderness void of wildlife would be a very sad thing ).

Like many other events, the La Cloche Endurance Runs is a cupless event.  At night, we will be serving hot food, and while we have a limited number of cups onsite, please bring your own cup so as to help us minimize waste.


October weather in Killarney can at best be described as unpredictable – so prepare for everything from warm sunny days to cold nights, to rain, and yes even SNOW!

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