Runner Tracking - La Cloche Endurance Runs
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Runner Tracking

Mandatory GPS Satellite Runner Tracking

All runners will be required to carry the provided SPOT “Trace” GPS Satellite tracking device during the La Cloche Endurance Runs. Runner progress will be available via Trackleader’s web-based interface.

We have adopted this innovation for a number of reasons:

  • Improved ability to locate runners in the event of Search and Rescue efforts
  • Limiting risk and exposure to Search and Rescue Volunteers
  • Appropriate technology that poses a minimal imposition on our runners
  • A direct request from Killarney Provincial Park
  • Help to crews anticipating their runner’s arrival at aid stations

Acceptance into the La Cloche Endurance Runs means that you agree to carry a SPOT tracking device during your event. The devices are small in size and weight and we will be offering a SPOT tracker pouch that will allow the SPOT to be easily affixed to a runners vest, pack or arm. There will be no cost to the runner.

You will be issued the tracking device on the morning of your event and you will be required to return it after you have finished or withdrawn from your run. Further information will be available on this website, through our Facebook page and by email updates.

    Here are the Runner Tracking rules of use:

  • You are required to carry the device for the full duration of the run. Your pacer cannot carry it for you.
  • You will not be disqualified if the device is lost or broken.
  • You will not be disqualified if the device appears to be off-course or it accidentally ends up left with your crew.
  • You are not allowed to substitute your own personal tracking device for the La Cloche-issued one.
  • Instructions on how to initiate a rescue will be provided with the distribution of the tracking devices.
  • If you initiate a rescue, you have dropped out of the La Cloche Endurance Run.  You cannot re-enter the run.
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