Volunteer - La Cloche Endurance Runs
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Welcome to the La Cloche Endurance Runs! If you are interested in volunteering at our event, please fill out the Volunteer Form. The Volunteer Coordinator will review your application and be in contact with you shortly. We will try our best to recruit you for the position(s) you showed interest in.

A big thank you to Killarney Provincial Park, Friends of Killarney Park and local businesses for their tremendous support in the event.



The following are La Cloche Endurance Runs’ aid station locations.  Aid stations will be accessed by foot and/or canoe and require fit volunteers, who are comfortable in a rugged environment in potential adverse weather conditions.

START: George Lake (0 km)
AS1 / AS13:  The Crack. (8.5 km & 154 km)
AS2 / AS12Day Trail.  (26 km & 136 km)
Volunteer(s) will also be at the top of Silver Peak to confirm runners have completed out & back Silver Peak side trail.
AS3 / AS11: Little Mountain Lake.  (40 km & 122 km)
AS4 / AS10:  Moose Pass.  (47 km & 115 km)
AS5 / AS9: Stove Pipe Narrows. (60 km & 102 km)
AS6 / AS8: Baie Fine – The Pool.  (71 km & 91 km)
AS 7 / 14: FINISH – George Lake. (81 km & 162 km)

* Aid stations will include tarps for shelter in case of inclement weather. The aid stations located at campgrounds may have campfires.

**Every aid stations will have an issued first aid kit. Aid station captains will be certified in First Aid & CPR (minimum).

Any questions can be emailed to info@laclocheenduranceruns.com. We thank you in advance for your smiles, time and energy. We looking forward to hearing from you.

Note: The 2018 La Cloche Endurance Runs Volunteer Manual will be available soon.

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