Weather Conditions - La Cloche Endurance Runs
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Weather Conditions

Lac Loche Landscape

The month of October has on average daily highs from 7C to 12C and daily lows from 3C to 9C over the month. The average hours of daylight is 11hrs hours, with the sun rising at 07:41 and setting at 18:43. There is very little precipitation at this time of the year and the average wind speeds varies from 1m/s to 8 m/s from the west.

October 12th

Twilight: 7:09
Sunrise: 7:38
Sunset: 18:46
Twilight: 19:17
Day Length: 11h 7M

October 13th

Twilight: 7:10
Sunrise: 7:40
Sunset: 18:45
Twilight: 19:15
Day Length: 11h 5M

October 14th

Twilight: 7:11
Sunrise: 7:41
Sunset: 18:43
Twilight: 19:13
Day Length: 11h 2M

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